Sendbee WhatsApp for Front integration

Manage WhatsApp conversations from Front.

Connect Sendbee WhatsApp numbers to receive & reply to WhatsApp messages from Front and handle them as a team.

Tired of not being able to easily share WhatsApp conversations with your team?

Get started today and allow your whole team to manage WhatsApp conversations from Front.

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Connect Sendbee WhatsApp numbers to Front in a click

Connect WhatsApp-enabled Sendbee numbers with Front in a few simple steps and start to receive and reply to WhatsApp messages alongside all your customer conversations.

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Front app screenshot
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Front WhatsApp Chat

Manage WhatsApp, email, and more from one universal inbox

Manage unlimited WhatsApp numbers with email, live chat, Facebook, Twitter, and more from Front's universal inbox. Keep it all organized and actionable in one platform.

Sendbee plugin for Front

Send WhatsApp Message Templates without leaving Front

Enable your team to send WhatsApp Message Templates directly from Front, without extra hassle and development. Message Template is a new message format introduced by WhatsApp following their Business Policies.

Front WhatsApp Consent Management

Initiate new WhatsApp conversations instantly

Start new WhatsApp conversation with any contact by simply typing their number, while being 100% WhatsApp compliant as we make managing WhatsApp consents a breeze.

WhatsApp Automation

Reduce costs by automating WhatsApp conversations

Increase sales, reduce costs, and automate support and sales on WhatsApp using our no-code chatbot builder. Create your first chatbot in minutes.

Customers love it

Join forward-thinking companies that use Front+Sendbee to manage WhatsApp conversations alongside all their customer conversations.

“Many of our couples use WhatsApp daily. Before using Sendbee, using WhatsApp as a team was not possible, meaning one team member became the bottleneck. SendBee has made it possible to integrate WhatsApp perfectly into our workflow in Front and our customers love that they can switch between email and WhatsApp, while all being simpler for us.”

“The automation in Sendbee allows us to focus on customer experience instead of worrying about building bots and following updates to the WhatsApp Business api. We use Sendbee with Front and the integration is seamless, especially the ease of sending template messages. I strongly recommend Sendbee - the team there are great and their product continues to impress.”

Tom Pain
CEO at Packed
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